Corne Van Rensburg

South African born artist, Corne van Rensburg, sees the world in terms of warm yellows, vivid blues, bright reds and oranges. Her favourite subject matter is landscapes done in bold oil colours on canvas; her work is vibrant and contemporary. Her landscapes are uncomplicated, with little or no detail, resulting in a nave and quite interpretation of the vast African Landscapes.

"As an artist I enjoy living in a world that comes to live through colour and light. Paintings are unique in the stories they tell. Every painting is a display of emotion through oil and every brushstroke a journey. "

"My inspirations are found wherever I travel, the simplicity in things surrounding me, a striking colour that catches my eye, the beauty in things so ordinary yet so well defined and ultimately the beautiful landscapes of this country."

"There are still places in “ART” I need to discover-I hope to do this through the fun, exploration and my work of creating."

And most rewarding, to share this journey with you.