About The Artist

South African born artist, Corne van Rensburg, was born in Pietersburg in 1975 and grew up in Witbank, moving to Pretoria in 1995. She embarked on a successful career in the Technology Industry where she took up painting part-time. The vitality, boldness and versatility of oil intrigued her, and have become her sole passion.

Being self-taught, she learned to paint by acute observation, thus developing her own individual style. Her interest in photography and love for nature serves as her main source of inspiration. Painting from her studio based in Pretoria, her favourite subject matter is landscapes done in bold oil colours on canvas. Her landscapes are uncomplicated, with little or no detail, resulting in a naive and quiet interpretation of our vast African landscapes.

Her work is vibrant and contemporary; she sees the world in terms of warm yellows, vivid blues, bright reds and oranges. The abundant use of colour adds to the vibrancy of Corne’s paintings and a true reflection of her character and passion for painting.

Corne’s positive outlook on life, strong Christian beliefs and support of her family, has enabled this young artist to make good progress in her career as a professional artist in a relatively short period. Each of her paintings is unique and different in its own way.

"My paintings portray something that is pleasant to my eyes, enjoying the freedom of colour and to create energy by using these. It brings joy and meaning to my life. This world is a bright and cheerful place and hopefully to those with whom I share it. I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help, I shall succeed"